Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Venture In 2014 - Part 1

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My Venture in 2014 Part 1

Happy New Year Everybody !



I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! First of all the I'd like to thank the followers of my blog and for your continued support along the way . First of all I'd like to tell you about a few of the things I'll be working on in 2014 , and hopefully I can have your support as well. I'd like to hear from you, your opinions , and anything else you would like to share !

Late 2013 I began a campaign with Indiegogo , in hopes to raise funds to start and begin touring. Thank Your for those who donated to my campaign. I haven't raised what I needed , so I began to search another outlet that would help me to reach my goal. I found that so many sites , take a large percentage of the funds you've raised at the end , for their fees and credit card processing fees. Amongst all the sites I've researched , I found one site that I absolutely love ! For all artists looking to reach a goals in 2014 should definitely , check out SellaBand

I've decided to begin my campaign With , and would love if you could check it out , and possibly help take part in my Tour . My perks were taken straight from the guidance of my fans , so you get something you ask for in return for your donation. If you would like to suggest a perk , just email me at , subject line : RE: New SellaBand Perk. And I will add the perk you siggest.

Please check out my profile at SellaBand by visiting this link : LaWanda Lee's SellaBand Profile  

Music Available


Also, during my research for the best site to raise funds , I thought to myself ..self .... . You can build your own site for people who are trying to raise funds , and not charge so much at the end of the campaign.  The money you raise , should be just that , YOUR MONEY, to help to in your success. So I did it ! I Built a website called CrowdFund Connector . Here we promote your campaigns and fundraisers to Millions , so you can get the word out about your cause . Whether , its music , health, an invention, whatever it is , CrowdFund Connector helps you to get to your goal . So I invite you to tell a friend or give CrowdFund Connector a try for yourself. Also for those that begin a campaign at CFC , whoever raises their goal first will receive a matched donation to their campaign.

Sign Up Here : Sign Up

Also If you haven't checked out my Album "First Born" you can do so by visiting this link : LaWanda Lee on CDBaby

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Part 2 To be continued ...........

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

May I have your help to start my tour ?

May I have your help to start my tour ? 

I started singing at the tender age of 5 year old. I grew u with music all around me... in my home , school bands , and choirs, church , weddings , funerals and more . It wasn't until I reached High school, that I realized that I wanted to pursue music professionally and take it to the next level. Along the years , I have been in a 3 girl music group called " Modesty " and a rap group called " The Rat Pac". We've all moved on to other things , but I still could not , and still can't stop doing what I love and that's singing and performing in front of a loving and warm crowd. 

  •   So then I took my shot and started recording my own music , and after 10 long years , I released my first debut album , entitled " First Born" , (in dedication to my late mother , who recently passed in 2011). I also named it First Born , because I am her first , and this album was my first born to the world. My release was August 31,2013 . If you'd like to check it out it's available here on : CD Baby 

My Album has been doing pretty well and getting thousands of positive responses and a lot of radio play in the South and the UK especially ! Now is the time I should begin touring down south, where I have been given the opportunity to perform on tour. but boy oh boy is touring quite expensive ! That's why I've come to Indiegogo , in hopes that maybe YOU , could give me an extra hand. 

In order to make this a reality I need to cover some expenses and in order to do that in a pure way, I NEED YOUR HELP.
 If you contribute to this campaign please know that you won't be making anyone rich but you will be helping working class musicians/artists not go broke, hungry or into debt in order to perform for you. Here is a detailed list and breakdown of what you will be helping me pay for...                                          

What We Need & What You Get

-Airfare for the backup band travel (6  round trip airfare tickets roughly $3,500)
-Per diems for the backup band ( 6 people @$10 a day for 14 days : $840)
-Van Rental ( $90 a day for 14 days : $1,260 ) 
-Gas ( $100+ a day for 14 days : $1,400 )
-Hotels ( $100 a day for roughly 13 days : $1,300 )
-*Total : $8,300
total pay from tour estimated from guarantee : $4,200
estimated difference : -$4,100
(this breakdown does not include the price of merchandise production)
I will have 5 VERY Talented Musicians touring with me . They all have lives and families outside of music , so all !

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Album " First Born" Is Now Released on CDBaby !!

My Album " First Born" Is Now Released on CDBaby !!

First of all , I'd like to say thank you to all and everyone , who has been there and supported me since Day 1.  I am proud to release to you , my baby , "First Born" Thanks again

Lawanda Lee